My name is Matthew Dekenah and I accidentally became a tester back in 2009. Through various job titles and roles I’ve learned a lot about testing and what it means to be a (good) tester. In June 2016 I joined FreeAgent as the first (and still only) hire in a dedicated test role and it seemed like an obvious opportunity for me to share some of the insights and experiences I have gained in defining my role here and other general thoughts about testing as a discipline (and in some ways a lifestyle). That’s what this blog is, and I hope you enjoy the content.

A brief summary of my career (so far) in test:

  • QA Analyst / StatPro / 2009-2010
  • Senior QA Analyst / StatPro / 2010-2011
  • QA Test Engineer / Crocodile Clips / 2011-2012
  • Test Analyst / NHS Lothian / 2012-2014
  • Test Engineer / Skyscanner / 2014-2016
  • Senior Test Engineer / FreeAgent / 2016-